Hi, Friends! I'm so grateful for your support and honored to be a part of your board building journey! I hope that you're inspired and able to create wonderful memories when serving off this board.
The signature board was created for you. My hope is that it will make your board building experience effortless and enjoyable. From the simple grocery list of items you'll put on the board to the detailed engraved guide of where to put each item, you can easily build a beautiful cheese board that is sure to impress and be enjoyed by all. 
The beauty of the signature board is that you can use the engraved side for serving a classic cheese board or flip it over and use the blank side to get creative and serve the other boards, like a fun snack board or a comforting breakfast board. The serving options are truly endless with the signature board! 
I hope this board has a special place in your home and that it brings you loved ones together in a memorable way. Enjoy! 
How To Build Your Signature Board
STEP 1: Fill small serving bowls with the olives, cornichons, honey and fig jam
STEP 2: Place the filled serving bowls on the board
STEP 3: Place meats on the board
STEP 4: Place grapes on the board
STEP 5: Place crackers on the board
STEP 6: Place dried fruits and nuts on the board
STEP 7: Place sliced apple and pear on the board
STEP 8: Slice a small wedge out of the brie cheese wheel and add the rosemary sprig to the top of it
Complete by adding a cheese knife next to each cheese, a honey dipper or small spoon to the bowl with honey, and a small spreading knife to bowl with fig jam.
Serve and Enjoy! 
For detailed instructions on how to take care of your board, please click here